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Nemo Water Tap Filter Head

Nemo Water Tap Filter Head

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1. By applying the segment filter know-how used in water purifier filters effectively removes impurities, rust, and heavy metals in the water pipe by applying the water pipe.
2. Filter that has passed the dissolution test according to RoHs eco-friendly and FDA requirements
3. Soft but powerful water pressure created by micro-hole method ultra-fine spray plate
4. Reduce water cost with 0.33mm water-saving microphone hole sprinkler plate
5. White finish. Aesthetics of simplicity that suits any bathroom

Do you know?

Water comes into contact with you everyday including brushing, gaggling your mouth and washing your face.   One of the inexpensive and effective way is installing a water filter instead of purifier.

Why Nemo Wash Basin Tap Filter
Even thought these are just water filters not purifiers.  Nemo Wash Basin Tap Filter uses 5.0μm Micro Sediment Filter produced by MELT-BLOWN process method, A superior engineering process that creates Micro-segment filter, which effectively filter out impurities, heavy metals and fine rust particles from aging water pipes..


-Filter out Impurities
-Filter out Rust
-Blocks Heavy Metal
-Easy installation

How safe is Nemo Wash Basin Tap Filter?
Made with materials you can trust and use with ease of mind.  Tested  and Certified 'Pass' by ROHs Green, US FDA, NSF, JK Bioscience Inc etc. 

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