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Shower Head Vita Refilter 1P [Forest]

Shower Head Vita Refilter 1P [Forest]

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1. Vitamin Shower Filter:
Remove Chlorine, Moisturizes Skin & Hair, Aroma Therapy
2. Removes Rust and Chlorine:
In the first stage, the sediment filter filters out rust and impurities from water pipes. In the second stage, high concentrate vitamin gel dissolves into shower water, neutralizing chlorine and adding healthy minerals.
3. Moisturizes Skin and Hair:
Vitamin gel contains vitamin C, milk powder, and natural glycerin, effectively moisturizing all skin and hair types, giving you soft, glowing hair and skin.
4. Calming Skin:
Tea Tree extract widens pores, reduces sebum, and relaxes sensitive skin types, leaving skin clear of dirt and dust.
5. Aroma Therapy:
Natural aroma oils provide an uplifting scent that enhances relaxation and alleviates stress.
6. Food-grade ingredients are safe for brushing your teeth, rinsing your mouth, or drinking.
7. More Enjoyable Showers:
Family members and pets can enjoy showers with clean, soothing water and fresh aromas.
Do you know that the tap water we use and drink every day contains chlorine?
Protect your skin and hair by using the Vitamin C water filter, which removes rust and chlorine.
Aromatic vitamin shower water provides therapeutic care for your family and pets, helping to release stress and create a relaxing environment to unwind.

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