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V-Care 4D Band

V-Care 4D Band

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SIGNATURE LIFTING care for slim and stylish V-line.

Velcro-type adjustable V-care band fits for any face type.

Robust 4D lifting care adopts lifting, projection, vibration, and LED technology.
Semi-permanent. Hygienic. Far infrared ray product. We use food-grade silicone material for the V-care 4D band. It is semi-permanent and comes with ten specially designed tourmaline acupressure balls. Thus far-infrared radiation is released, enabling more effective skincare.

Obtain facial & neck care at the same time. With complex 4D stereoscopic lifting care systems, the V-care 4D band effectively tightens up the face and neck skin, improves facial wrinkles to the maximum extent. In addition, it can quickly fix the face contours, reduce double chin, improve skin sagging and enhance skin elasticity, shape the perfect V line, and making three-dimensional face care possible.




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